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Works Sunday is on TV!

Works Sunday was recently featured on "Reston's African American Legacy" program on Reston's cable channel 28. The show, which is hosted by Rev. LaVerne Gill - (perhaps not coincidentally, the founder of Works Sunday!) - featured Steering Committee members Debbie Aschenbach of United Christian Parish, Li-Ping Hwang of the Buddhist Tzu-Chi Foundation, and Chris Wist of St. Thomas à Becket Catholic Church. The Works Sunday segment begins at 3' 46". To view, just click on

Works Sunday is an annual service event in Northern Virginia that takes place on or about the third Sunday in August, focusing on activities in the Reston, Herndon and Sterling communities. Each year since 1995, people of many faiths - Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and others - have worked side-by-side to celebrate the values that unite us, while addressing important social issues like hunger, homelessness, and the special needs of those less fortunate. As we work towards building a more compassionate community, we get to know one another as brothers and sisters.

BREAKING NEWS: Food Drive for Cornerstones adds a FIFTH location! And our First Works Sunday Event for 2016 is less than a week away!

Click on the "ABOUT" tab at the top of this page to see a list of the many projects of Work Sunday 2016, and for which you you may volunteer immediately! We have events coming up on August 7th, 13th, 14th and 20th -- and of course, on Works Sunday itself - Sunday, August 21st.

If YOUR faith community would like to get be part of Works Sunday 2016, IT'S NOT TOO LATE! We'd LOVE to have you join us! Just contact Chris Wist at to obtain promotional materials and more detailed information about any project(s). Come see how the fellowship and shared values that inform the Works Sunday "faith in action" experience can inpsire your congregation to new heights of selfless service!



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